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To mark the final four weeks of MURDER IN PASSING (where Stephen sang and played a homophobic cop in a commuter murder-mystery series which raised trans and transit issues that ran between Jan 7 – Mar 1, 2013 on TTC subway screens), Stephen recorded a new song each week that brackets trans expression and representation.

Week 1: Cover of trans-identified musician Antony Hegarty's (Antony and the Johnsons) moving song from their amazing 2005 album I AM A BIRD NOW.

Week 2: A reflection on doomed love and being different from the iconic film/musical HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH by Stephen Trask and John Cameron Mitchell about a fictional rock band fronted by an East German transgender singer.

Week 3: The eleven o'clock number/aria by the only transgender operatic character (to date) in the repertoire from VERA OF LAS VEGAS ("a nightmare cabaret opera") by Daron Hagen and Paul Muldoon.

Week 4: During a performance a number of years ago, I reinterpreted this song from KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN by John Kander and Fred Ebb as if I was a young boy soprano coming to terms with his transgender identity.